Recently there have been many superhero movies. To be a good superhero you’ll need to be special. It doesn’t mean you need to have superpowers, but like Batman you need to be rich and smart. Also superheroes need a costume to distinguish themselves from others, and at last they need to be saving people. If there’s no one to save then superheroes wouldn’t exist.
  ——Allen Mak
  最近有許多超級英雄類的電影上映。成為一個正義的超級英雄,你需要與眾不同。這並不意味著你需要擁有超能力,比如你想和蝙蝠俠一樣,你需要財富和聰明才智。另外,超級英雄們還需要一套別緻的衣服,掩飾自己的身份,讓別人認不出來。最重要的一點是:要有一群人等著他們去拯救。如果沒人可救,那麼他們也不需要存在。(本文僅代表作者個人觀點)   (原標題:Superhero Course 101)
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